Get the Trend: Luxe

Style your bedroom to its maximum with the luxe bedroom trend – here, we’re thinking about elegant accessories, soft linens and layered textures that will help you create a bedroom which you won’t want to leave.

  • Fur accents

Nothing says luxe quite like fur – fill your bedroom with soft furs – like a sheepskin rug or two – for an instant hit of glamour. Chic and full of rustic charm, a fur is an accessory your luxe bedroom should never be without.

  • Scatter your cushions

If you don’t want to experiment with colour or patterning, cushions are where you can really let your creative side run free. Scatter fluffy cushions in a variety of shapes and sizes onto your bed, and build up until you run out of bed space. Cushions are essential when it comes to creating a serene sanctuary.

  • Heads up

Simple but effective, a new headboard goes a long way to adding some luxurious style to an interior. Choose quilted boards, ideally with buttoning, for an added sense of cosiness. Pair with the whitest of linens for the best luxe look.

  • Mix textures

Mix your sheepskins with velvets, wool and mohair to give your bedroom more texture. A variety of textiles will make you want to relax and enjoy the different layers of your new bedroom style.

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Feather & Black

August 4th 2017

Posted by: Feather & Black