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My Perfect Bedtime: Donna Emery

This week, we spoke to our F&B Chichester store manager to get her thoughts on what makes up her #myperfectbedtime.

F&B: What’s your perfect bedtime routine?

Donna: Fresh crisp linen, bath glass of red wine and bed.

F&B: What’s your perfect bedtime read?

Donna: Facebook!

F&B: What or who is your perfect bedtime partner?

Donna: Charlie Hunnam (or my husband of course)

F&B: What’s your perfect nightwear?

Donna: Something cosy.

F&B: Where would be your perfect place to fall asleep?

Donna: 5 star private beach villa somewhere hot.

F&B: Where would be your perfect destination to wake up?

Donna: As above, preferably where I fell asleep!

F&B: What’s your perfect kind of bed?

Donna: Emperor size, with a soft luxurious mattress and lovely crisp linen.

August 30th 2016

Posted by: Feather & Black

Tagged with  #myperfectbedtime