Back to School style

It’s almost time for the little ones to start school or go back to school. After the sometimes tricky task of buying school shoes and pencil case shopping - be inspired by all of our other essentials perfect to brighten up their school days…

For little ones, our lunch boxes will safety transport their sandwiches across the sometimes perilous playground. Sometimes for their first few days kids’ like to be comforted by a treasured teddy, pack them in their bag just incase (although I’m sure they will be having too much fun to remember it is there.)

Essential for back to school is a desk; perfect for them to complete their masterpieces for the kitchen fridge and also to grow into as homework becomes a part of their school days. Choose a comfortable chair for them to sit at, and encourage them to keep their desk neat and tidy with bright pen pots and pin boards.

Another essential is soft storage is a great option for kids’ who spend the year covered in mud from the playing field – it’s easily washable and big enough to stow away all of their muddy kit. It is also perfect for all the ballet kits, netball bibs, basketballs, football shirts, hockey sticks and musical instruments. It’s a versatile option to suit all – and it comes in different colours to suit their style too.

For little ones who love to read their schoolbooks tucked up in bed, our Jamie lamp is perfect on their bedside.

Get them inspired and excited for their school days… have a look at our pinterest pages for more inspiration.




August 23rd 2012

Posted by: Feather & Black

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