Get The Trend: Au Naturel

The snow’s finally disappeared (fingers crossed) and there’s signs of spring in the air. And in our bedrooms too, with relaxed, hand-crafted natural materials being the talk of the season.


We love solid, weathered woods and hand-woven rattan and bamboo for their classic, warming charm. Subtle embellishments and raw edges make any piece of furniture feel both contemporary and made-just-for-me (we won’t tell anybody that it wasn’t!). Better yet they’re decidedly unfussy, making the perfect backdrop for relaxed no-iron bed linens and cosy pillows, and highly forgiving of the odd untucked sheet corner. Relaxed and durable, these materials are the perfect choice for beds, chairs and accessories, and easy to transform as the weather (and your mind) changes.

Rattan is this season’s superstar. No longer banished to the garden, these gorgeous woven stems are a great way to create a comforting sense of nature within your inside world. Our Sienna bedframe combines beautiful woven rattan with solid weathered oak, making your bedroom feel both contemporary and romantic. Got your furniture sorted? Try bamboo accessories for a subtle way of bringing the outdoors inside, perhaps with our set of 2 Kuta hand-woven lampshades.

We’d love to hear about the ways you’re transforming your bedroom with wood, rattan and bamboo. Tag your images and ideas using #ownyourbeautysleep on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

April 13th 2018

Posted by: Feather & Black