Top 3: Colours most conducive for sleep

Yes, that’s right, the colour of your bedroom walls may help you sleep better. Not only does a quality pillow and super soft linen help you drift off at night but there’s a strong idea that your interior colour scheme can have an effect on your quality of sleep. We’ve done the necessary reading and placed the following colours as favourable for relaxation and rest periods.

  1. Blue

People whose rooms are painted blue tend to sleep longer than those who get their shut-eye in rooms with different colours. The colour blue is associated with feelings of calm which help your body relax, ready for a good night’s sleep.

  1. Pale Yellow

Pale yellow hues help create a warming and inviting feel to a room and as this is quite a soft shade, can help reduce your heart rate and encourage your body to relax.

  1. Moss Green

Another soft and welcoming colour, Moss Green is said to be another relaxing choice of colour for your bedroom. This muted colour again has restful mind and body connotations – perfect for your sleep space.

Do you have any of these colours on your bedroom walls? Let us know if you think they help you drift off at night in the comments below, or you can join the conversation on Twitter.

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April 28th 2017

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