How to: Add colour to your bedroom

Everyone wants to put their favourite colours into their bedroom but how best to do it? Adding colour can be very straightforward as you see things fall into place naturally but after finishing decorating, your interior colour scheme may not have come out the way you originally planned.

When considering adding bright or bold colour to your bedroom, you may be best served aligning with the 80/20 rule. This means that your bedroom should be 80% neutral colour, with 20% being your pops of colours. This will help not overwhelm your interior with too much bright colour.

The simplest way to add 20% colour is through pillows, throws, lamps, rugs, one piece of furniture or even a well-placed accent – or feature – wall.

Another useful tip is to look out for higher quality colour products because these will interact better with your bedroom light. Whether that is paint, cotton, or wool, make sure you choose the material of your products wisely. The depth of colour and the saturation will be greater and will last longer if the quality is better.

Also think about the lighting in your room when you’re adding colour to a certain space. Lighting is essential for any colour to be fully seen and enjoyed. Sunlight is always best as natural light shows off all colour at its fullest. Poor light means colour can appear washed out and unappealing, so if you have an eye-catching colour on show, give it a chance to shine by supplying direct access to a natural light source.

We hope that helps when you next come around to decorating your interior space. If you have a questions, just drop us a message on our Twitter account. We'd love to help!

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April 21st 2017

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