Get the Trend: Terracotta

You may expect terracotta only to be used for flooring or for roof tiling often seen in warmer climes, but this year we’re seeing a hot new trend arrive in our homes. Not only is terracotta noticed in its purest form – think orange and red hues – but it can also be found in pinks, greys and browns as well.

An upturn in popularity has seen terracotta now firmly placed as one of 2017’s up-and-coming interior trends. Versatility is one of its key features with this ancient material being implemented in a variety of ways, including lamp shades, paintings, sculptures and terracotta coloured seating. We’re also seeing patterned wallpaper being inspired with a terracotta-based theme too – ready for Summer.

In short, terracotta can help convey a classical, timeless look but can also add a sense of rustic to your home with its warm colour ideal for livening up grey spaces. However, in its simplest terms, adding a touch of terracotta may even be as straightforward as introducing some clay plant pots to your bedroom.

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April 18th 2017

Posted by: Feather & Black

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