Top 3: Sleep Apps

Sleep is so important for our health, general well-being and getting the most out of your day ahead. But how can you best track your sleep? Sometimes the brain can play tricks on us and we can wake up still feeling tired despite having slept for a number of hours.

Have you tried monitoring your sleep patterns before? We’ve reviewed our favourite sleep apps, so give one a try and see how you measure up:

  1. SleepBot

Sleepbot has three major features: a motion-tracker, a sound-recorder and a smart alarm. Its sound recording feature will detect talking, snoring or any bumps in the night, helping you to get a better idea of night-time disturbances in the morning. It also plots your results on interactive graphs.

  1. Sleep Cycle alarm clock

The Sleep Cycle alarm clock claims that its app can pick the moment where you’re sleeping lightest, within a user defined 30-minute window, to wake you up gently from your slumbers. Again, this app monitors your sleep by using the phone’s microphone.

  1. Sleep Better

This app not only claims to monitor your sleep, but your dreams too, by allowing users to keep notes on their dreams and what percentage could be described as ‘good, bad or neutral’. Also, Sleep Better allows you to enter sleep variables into your tracker, such as dietary habits, exercise or alcohol intake information to help filter your results.

We’d love to hear from you if you’ve tried a sleep app before – did you think the results were accurate? Let us know on our social networks or add a comment below.

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April 15th 2016

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