How to: Create a feature wall

Feature walls are simple but high impact ways to transform any room in your home. They can be a splash of colour or pattern that can bring a sense of individual styling.

The best feature walls are often quite vibrant and striking. For example, a darker colour looks great against surrounding light walls and helps create a focal point for your bedroom. The wall which is directly behind your bed is usually the best option when it comes to feature walls.

Once you’ve chosen your feature wall, the next big decision is to decide on the design. The number one rule is choosing something that you love. Full wall murals can look great, or picture walls can beautifully house your memories while also complementing the existing décor.

Above all else, remember that dark colours will make the wall look closer to you; therefore the room will appear smaller. Light colours have the opposite effect and make the room appear larger. If you want to be subtle, choose colours that go with the rest of the room.


After the feature wall is finished, make sure you arrange the furniture to highlight the feature wall, hang paintings or pictures against it or use spotlighting to draw more attention to it. The best feature walls are noticed by your guests and can provide a good conversation starter too.

Have you got a feature wall in your home? Let us know on our social media accounts or in the comments below; we’d love to see your pictures too. We’ve started a feature walls Pinterest page as well, take a look if you’re in need of some inspiration!

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April 8th 2016

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