Spruce up your guest room

So the Easter holidays are now over for most of us, did you all have a nice break? One of the most common things to get up to over the long Easter weekend – apart from eating lots of Easter eggs – was to catch up with friends and family, which was certainly true for me!

That means a lot of us must have hosted large family get togethers and that usually means that your guest room is all of a sudden very busy again. Easter isn’t quite on the same hectic scale as Christmas, but I would say it’s certainly a close second in terms of pre-planning and arranging which family members are staying where.

The perfect guest room

One of the most important features of a guest room I think is giving your guests a good amount of living space. A small room would make me feel enclosed or cooped up, so having enough room for manoeuvre is at the top of my list if I was staying round somebody else’s house.

To make a room seem bigger than it is, clever storage solutions are probably the way forward, so maybe our selection of trunks can act as problem-solvers?

Cleanliness is another box to be ticked from a personal point of view, as is comfort – a bad night’s sleep is the worst feeling, especially when your surroundings might not be what you are used to at home. So if your guest room could do with a refresh, check out our luxury mattresses, your future guests will thank you for it! The most comfortable of finishing touches can be provided by quality bed linen, a high thread count will mean your guests are guaranteed to be comfortable.

Entertaining guests

Trying to be the perfect host can be tough to master and some of you will have had a stab over the past few weeks. I hope it went well, but if there is room for improvement, we’ve collected a few tips below to help you out next time the in-laws are visiting.

A lot of people say that a good host prepares as much as they can in advance, so that they can take part in evening’s fun and games as much as possible! Another popular idea that stood out was the preparation of individual gifts for each guest. While maybe a tad too expensive for large dinner parties, perhaps this would be a good idea for those smaller family occasions?

If you have hosted guests over Easter, let us know on our social networks and tell us how you prepared for their visit? Did you plump up their pillows or just sweep everything under the carpet…

Take a look on our Pinterest account for some great guest room chic ideas too!


April 15th 2015

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