Competition: Winter Bedroom Essentials

Have you entered our latest competition? One lucky winner will win one Velvet Throw and Cushion in Caviar, as well as a Cameron Table Lamp , to help their bedroom banish those winter blues. Do you think your bedroom needs an extra cosy layer? Enter our competition now . Please note, this competition closes on Sunday 25 th February 2017. T&Cs apply. Good luck, Feather & Black.


December 30th 2016


How to: Maximise space in small bedrooms

In every room of your house, there is always a better way to maximize the space you are getting out of it. For some areas it may be as simple as de-cluttering, but your bedroom is the most difficult because of the amount of space your bed (essential) takes up. The bed is not always the easiest obstacle to work around and therefore valuable space is wasted. The most obvious way to get more space in your small bedroom is to avoid large wardrobes, instead opting for rolling under bed storage which can hold clothes and belongings. This will give...


December 28th 2016


My Perfect Bedtime

Our latest #MyPerfectBedtime blog comes from Finance Manager, Luke - read what he had to say below... What’s your perfect bedtime routine? I don’t really have a bedtime routine as such, which my wife finds most annoying. Normally after I’ve put my son to bed and had some food it’s time to get the study books out until some unholy hour then some sort of brain dump for a bit, Xbox/Music/Chess then sleep! What’s your perfect bedtime read? Anything that supports my studies, apart from that I do enjoy reading Roald Dahl with my son before he goes to bed....


December 23rd 2016


Top 3: Lighting tips for your bedroom

Make sure you achieve the most restful and functional lighting combination in your bedroom with the help of some of our best practice tips. Keep Height In Mind Always consider scale. Your bedroom would typically be 8 or 9 feet tall, so avoid lighting fixtures with long bodies and instead opt for shorter fixtures. These are ideal for both reading and provide enough light for good visibility. Set The Mood Ambience is key, but setting the right one can be difficult. Install light dimmers for good effect or coloured bulbs can also dramatically alter a bedroom’s mood too. Technology Gadgets...


December 19th 2016


How to: Mix patterns in your bedroom

Making sure your patterns don’t clash is tough, but we can help you with some tips to make sure your patterns are used in the right way. Complementing colours If one is bold and striking, the other pattern should less so – think unobtrusive, calm and quiet. A clean and simple pattern up against a geometric one, for example, should work as long as your colours mix together well. Mixing pastel patterns with primary colours will rarely work – these are just too contrasting. Instead try similar florals or a stripe and a check pattern if they are made from...


December 16th 2016


Our Pick: Hungarian Goose Down Duvet

Fully prepare for colder evenings with our Hungarian Goose Down Duvet , available with a 13.5 tog – perfect for snuggling under during frosty nights. From £155


December 12th 2016


Top 3: Sleep tips for the party season

As the peak of the party season approaches, it’s great to have a busy social life but, as a result your sleep patterns suffer. This can take its toll and so we’ve prepared a useful checklist to help you through a tiring month. Create a restful sleeping environment – neither too hot, nor too cold; and as quiet and dark as possible. Keep the Christmas decorations to the other parts of your home! Don’t end up compensating for lack of sleep by going too heavy on caffeine – especially in the evening. They interfere with falling asleep and prevent deep...


December 9th 2016


Get the Trend: Ski Lodge

One of the season’s new up-and-coming bedroom design trends is the ski lodge look. A beautiful chalet on the slopes seems to capture the essence of the mountains that surround it, creating a space of tranquillity and calm where you can peacefully reflect on your day. Large wooden beams and irresistibly tall ceilings often characterise these beautiful bedroom spaces. Muted colour palates emphasise the natural materials of the chalet style, as well as aiding relaxation. For the ultimate ski lodge look, think luxury velvets , faux fur rugs (to keep your feet warm, of course) and cable knit throws for...


December 5th 2016


Competition: Advent 2016

During the lead up to Christmas, we’re offering you the chance to win a prize in our Advent competition, which started yesterday and runs until Christmas Eve. Every day, we’ll be posting a prize on our official Facebook page and all you have to do to enter, is comment on our post. It really is that easy! Want to take part? Find out what today’s prize is here . See you soon, Feather & Black.


December 2nd 2016


My Perfect Bedtime: Katie Ellis

Katie is our Linens & Accessories Buyer at Head Office who kindly shared her #myperfectbedtime choices with us. Find out what she had to say below: What’s your perfect bedtime routine? Saturday nights are my favourite bedtimes after a day spent with my husband and dogs out in the fresh air! A clean house, clean sheets and a clear mind make for my perfect bedtime – preferably with no plans the next day so I can relax in the knowing I won’t be rudely awaken by an alarm! What’s your perfect bedtime read? I am not much of a reader...


November 28th 2016


Top 3: Feather & Black Friday Offers

Today is Black Friday and that means you can shop in-store and online for some unmissable discounts . The American-born discounted sales day is now becoming a tradition in the UK and we’re no different at Feather & Black. Take a peek at our best discounts below: Highgrove Bedstead A sleek and strong metal bedstead, our favourite metal bed. Was £549 Now £220 Olivia Bedstead Warm white wooden bedstead for a New England feel. Was £599 Now £300 Mala Bedstead An eastern-inspired colonial bedstead with an authentic distressed finish. Was £925 Now £370 These prices are available until Cyber Monday...


November 25th 2016


How to: Experiment with wall finishes

The finish you choose for your next bedroom project can make or break your interior’s overall design, with wall finishes greatly influencing the style of your room. Which wall finish would suit your room most? Read on and find out: Timber If you want your bedroom to feel cosy or intimate, a timber wall can help you achieve that. This is because it helps give the illusion that the ceiling is lower, simply done by panelling your timber across horizontally. Timber certainly gives your bedroom a distinctive mood and style. Brick Walls If you’re feeling brave, peel back your bedroom...


November 21st 2016


How to: Keep warm at night

The chill is about to set in but, fear not, we’ve collected some of the best ideas on how to keep yourself warm at night. Wear night clothes such as pyjamas or a large T-shirt to keep you warm. Natural fibres such as wool, cotton or silk will keep you warmer than synthetic materials. Have a warm bath just before you go to bed. This will gently warm and relax you to help you feel sleepy. Have a warming, milky drink before you go to bed. Keep the bedroom warm, but not too hot, and free from draughts. Choose a...


November 18th 2016


Get the Trend: Grey Matters

Whether you’d like some grey walls or grey flooring (or both!), grey’s versatility means this colour is here to stay as one of AW’s most popular interior shades. Make sure you don’t just stop of grey though, otherwise your bedroom may look a little too dark and moody. Balance the trend with bright cushions, for example, to really make the look have stand-out effect. Or, for a Scandi feel, choose a grey with cooler blue tones in it, an icy touch that works with whites and pale woods. Plus, layering different grey tones will prevent the look feeling too ‘samey’....


November 14th 2016


My Perfect Bedtime

Last week we caught up with Milly, who works in customer services, who talked about her #myperfectbedtime. Here's what she had to say: F&B: What’s your perfect bedtime routine? Milly: My perfect bedtime is having a hot bath, getting into my pajamas and snuggling up in bed with my fairy lights on and some acoustic music playing to help me drift off to sleep. What’s your perfect bedtime read? I’m a big lover of Irvine Welsh and John Niven as authors, so anything by them. Or, you cannot beat the latest issues of Glamour / Cosmopolitan magazine. What or who...


November 11th 2016


Our Pick: Radley

Understated but stylish, our Radley range is versatile and contemporary for a beautifully simple bedroom look. Customise the collection to your liking by choosing between metal or wooden handles – which are both included with your order – on the bedside table , chest of drawers and wardrobe . Radley is also available as a kids bedroom range; its smart and classic design is an ideal option for a growing child. The Radley Children’s Bedside Table comes with child-friendly drawer stoppers too. See our Radley range in more detail here . Let us know what you think on Twitter ....


November 7th 2016


How to: Incorporate bedroom art

A well-placed piece may be the easiest way to turn your room into the stylish sanctuary. However, choosing the right style piece can be hard; to help you inject some culture into your sleep space, we've rounded up our favourite 3 examples of how to best incorporate bedroom art, all of which would look great in a variety of bedrooms. Consistent framing Keep the focus on one wall by consistently using black framing with white prints, helping you to create a ‘gallery’ wall. Featuring black and white art further supports a bedroom’s monochrome theme too. Bookshelf displays Art doesn’t always...


November 4th 2016


Get the Trend: Green and Serene

For the ultimate in laid back living, a green bedroom style will promote a mellower mood that’s perfect for a room where you just want to relax. Hide away in winter, while cooling down in summer, green interiors look very well balanced. In terms of accent colours, think pops of yellow or darker blues and you won’t go far wrong. In terms of brightness, keep this to smaller hits as this will help prevent deep greens feeling too gloomy. Don’t forget to add some lovely wooden grains into this bedroom style as well. The texture of unfinished wooden furniture stands...


October 31st 2016


Our Pick: Natural Merino Wool Throw

With the clocks going back on Sunday, it’s about time you wrapped up warm and you can do just that with our Natural Merino Wool Throw. Featuring a modern twist on a classic diamond pattern, this tassel throw is the perfect partner for our Merino Wool cushions. Traditional charm at its finest. £95


October 28th 2016


How to: Clean your bedding

Every time we sink into bed at night, we lose up to a litre of sweat and shed millions of skin cells, so cleaning your bedding regularly should be top of everyone’s to-do list. Try following these simple tips for the best bedding results: Duvets Aim to wash your duvets every 2-3 months If there is a stain on the duvet, shake the feathers away (if you have Natural bedding) from the area and treat the stain before you pop it in the washing machine. Drying duvets in the sunlight will kill micro-organisms, in the winter try running a warm...


October 24th 2016


Top 3: Drinks to have before bedtime

What’s your bedtime drink of choice? Most of us have a sip of something just before we head to bed to help us get a better night’s sleep. We’ve ranked our top 3 drinks to have before you go to bed below, so read on to find out which bedtime beverage you should be drinking. Milk Milk has sleep-inducing properties (if you’re not lactose intolerant) and drinking milk 90 minutes ahead of bedtime may help you unwind and fall asleep faster. Warm milk seems to make us calm and drowsy, while it also helps raise your internal body temperature, which...


October 21st 2016


Our Pick: Cameron Bedstead

If understated cool is your thing, our Cameron Bedstead is just perfect for your bedroom. With clean, straight lines help suggest modernity, especially when you pair this bedstead with white linens. Order before 23 rd October to guarantee Christmas delivery. From £449.


October 17th 2016


Get the Trend: White Edit

Trends can often define some of the minor details in the room, only adopt what you absolutely love when ushering in significant changes. One of our favourite trends at the moment is White Edit, including and Scandinavian-inspired décor, accessories and furniture pieces. A white bedroom feels very clean cut and pairing this look with light-coloured wooden furniture should bring out the best of your bedroom. Letting in some natural light is also a good idea here – this helps the white walls appear a little softer. White bedrooms give your interior a strong sense of tranquillity, but light greys and...


October 14th 2016


Top 3: Bedroom style tips this Autumn

Take your cue from Autumn’s changing leaves and decorate your bedroom with a new bedroom style. We’ve chosen our 3 favourite styles or ideas from around the web to help you give your interior the new look it deserves. Fill jars with seasonal items For simple and inexpensive display items, fill jars with typically autumnal things, such as leaves or candles. This finishing touch will give your home a lovely, subtle seasonal theme. Display artwork that depicts Autumn’s colours Artwork can change the mood in your home instantly. Consider nature themes with Autumn shades such as oranges, rusts, and golden...


October 10th 2016


Our Pick: Mitch Star Cushions

Brighten up your child’s room with one of our Mitch Star cushions . Available in 4 different colours, this soft and comfortable cushion also has a lovely frayed edge. The perfect finishing touch for your little one’s interior. £20


October 7th 2016


How to: Create Decorative Headboards

Instead of updating your entire bedroom look, your interior may instead benefit from a new-look headboard. Your bedroom should be your personal retreat, a place not only to relax but to get a good night’s sleep too. An attractive headboard can certainly help you re-connect with your bedroom. Updating your headboard can be very inexpensive too, especially if you do it yourself. Sweet Dreams Make use of some spare lumber and cut it down to the right size of your bedstead. Once you have the frame, try adding some cute photo frames to the wooden panels for a very unique...


October 3rd 2016


Top 3: TV series to watch on a lazy Sunday

We’ve all been there. Sunday morning after a busy week, and you just want to curl up and binge watch a new series from start to finish. Which series should you invest your time in? Read our top 3 picks: • Stranger Things When a young boy disappears, his mother, a police chief, and his friends must confront terrifying forces in order to get him back. This mysterious drama is definitely worth a watch if you don’t mind a few scary scenes which will have you on the edge of your seat. • This is Us A group of people...


September 30th 2016


How to: Give your bedroom the latest trends

Last week, we visited Decorex International 2016 in London and came away having seen an impressive collection of brands making their mark on this year’s biggest interior design trends. Decorex International is the UK's leading design show and the only one of its kind in the UK for the luxury interiors market. If there is one room in your home that should truly reflect your taste, personal style and surround you in a world of uncompromising comfort, then it is the bedroom. Painted Florals Oversized painted florals or abstracts bring colour and a sense of art into the home, which...


September 26th 2016


Our Pick: Elegance Range

Welcome ultimate sophistication into your bedroom this Autumn with our new Elegance range. This stunning furniture collection is made exclusively for us in Portugal and combines rich palettes with distinctive lines to help you create the most elegant of interior looks. Order online or visit selected stores to choose from a range of bespoke painted finishes. Please note, only styles and colours shown online are available to purchase; all other styles should be ordered in store. Do you think our Elegance range would suit your bedroom? Let us know on our social networks.


September 23rd 2016


Competition: Win a Kids bedroom makeover

Enter our latest competition and you could win a complete children’s bedroom makeover, worth over £1,000. The prize includes one Single Cameron Ottoman Bedstead, one Lewis Mattress, 1 Shelby Linen Set (which can be either blue or pink), one duck feather and down pillow and one duck feather and down duvet. You can enter now! Please note, this competition closes on Monday 21 st November 2016. T&Cs apply. Good luck, Feather & Black.


September 19th 2016


How to: Cope with your partner snoring

What might seem amusing at first definitely loses its charm when you’re having poor sleep as a result of snoring. But, short of kicking them out of bed, what’s the best solution and how best can you cope? Drowning out the noise Earplugs are a classic, but effective option. Custom shaped earplugs can be more comfortable than store bought and many audiologists provide this service. If it's late and you're tight on options, there are also ways that you can make temporary earplugs yourself. Or if music isn’t too distracting, plug in and use gentle, calming music to help drown...


September 16th 2016


Our Pick: Sienna Grey

Our new Sienna furniture range is now available in gorgeous grey oak . A new twist on an old design favourite, we think the buttoned upholstery and cabriole leg styling give the range a sense of French chic. The collection’s elegant detailing and sweeping curves can turn your interior into an example of perfectly understated glamour. Would you like to have our Sienna Grey range in your bedroom? Let us know on social. From £949.


September 12th 2016


Top 3: Kids books to read before bedtime

We’ve taken some time to collect some of the web’s most highly-rated and favourite childrens’ books, which will hopefully help your little one drift off into a good night’s sleep. Let us know on social if you’ve read any of these bedtime books with your child. Goodnight everyone by Chris Haughton Age: 3-6 years’ old Award-winning author Chris Haughton captures the soothing time as the sun goes down and all the animals begin to fall into a deep sleep; all except Little Bear – who is wide awake despite the yawning of all those around him. Before I wake up...


September 9th 2016


How to: Style a small guestroom

If you’re having trouble decorating a guest room which is on the small side, we’ve collected some useful tips on how to best make your room feel like a cosy escape, no matter how much space you have. First, try to make extra room around the bed, rather than putting the sides of your bed up against a wall. This can make the room feel cramped, and so creating aisles of space will help the room feel bigger than it actually is. Doing so also improved the room’s flow and made it easier for visitors to get into and out...


September 5th 2016


Get the Trend: The Future Past

One of interior design’s key trend shifts this year has been the notion of ‘future past’ – revisiting silhouettes, textures, fabrics and materials of old and incorporating them into our homes with a modern twist. So let us take you on a journey back in time with our Henrietta in Warwick Plush Teal velvet fabric, as seen on the front of our new Autumn brochure . Henrietta’s gently curved bed and deep buttoned headboard suggests an emphasis on heritage but also a re-focus in attention to detail. Using a blend of deep and warming colours, such as our Henrietta’s dark...


September 2nd 2016


My Perfect Bedtime: Donna Emery

This week, we spoke to our F&B Chichester store manager to get her thoughts on what makes up her #myperfectbedtime. F&B: What’s your perfect bedtime routine? Donna: Fresh crisp linen, bath glass of red wine and bed. F&B: What’s your perfect bedtime read? Donna: Facebook! F&B: What or who is your perfect bedtime partner? Donna: Charlie Hunnam (or my husband of course) F&B: What’s your perfect nightwear? Donna: Something cosy. F&B: Where would be your perfect place to fall asleep? Donna: 5 star private beach villa somewhere hot. F&B: Where would be your perfect destination to wake up? Donna: As...


August 30th 2016


How to: Minimise jet lag and tiredness

With an upcoming bank holiday weekend and the end of the summer holidays just around the corner, plenty of us will be travelling to and from different timezones over the next few days. That means jet lag can set in, but our expert advice can help you beat tiredness before, during and after your flight. Before Tempting as it is to stay up all night before you travel, so you're tired and more likely to sleep, is a risky tactic. Better to be fully rested before you travel and get a good night’s shut-eye before you embark on your journey....


August 26th 2016


Our Pick: Dawson Hypnos Mattress

Today’s product focus is our new Dawson Hypnos Mattress , which has a luxurious wool and alpaca filling mix with 2,000 pocket springs for sumptuous comfort. Our Dawson is a pillow top mattress, which helps provide you with a luxuriously soft and comfortable layer above the supportive pocket spring mattress. From £799.


August 22nd 2016


Top 3: Podcasts before bedtime

With hundreds of thousands of titles on offer; it’s a hard task to pick the best podcast for you. Here, we’ve collected a few of our favourites to keep your mind occupied while you relax in bed at night. The Adam Buxton Podcast Buxton’s interview-based podcast talks about a range of short stories and smart observations from the likes of Caitlin Moran and Louis Theroux. Keep listening for some entertaining, tongue-in-cheek DIY jingles too. Desert Island Discs We think that the long-running Radio 4 show’s archive, stretching back to the middle of the last century, is the pick of the...


August 19th 2016


Get the Trend: Monochrome

Black and white colour contrast is one of the best combinations when it comes to interior design. This versatile combination works well with other pops of brighter colour, plus this trend helps your bedroom express a new-age designer feel. However, this trend also has its pitfalls. Painting one of your walls exclusively black will mean that your room seems smaller than it actually is, so we’d only recommend dark walls if you’re lucky enough to have quite a large bedroom. If you’re keen on black though, we’d instead try a black rug against a neutral coloured floor space. Do you...


August 15th 2016


My Perfect Bedtime

This week, we talked to Jen Lazarides, F&B Milton Keynes Store Manager, about her #myperfectbedtime. Find out what she had to say below: F&B: What’s your perfect bedtime routine? After watching a good film with a nice cup of tea, I’d moisturise with a luxury body lotion, then slide into the bed with fresh clean bedlinen. The window and curtains must be open, as I like to see the sky and get some fresh air. I’d listen to some music and drift off to sleep quickly. What’s your perfect bedtime read? A hard to put down thriller, or an easy...


August 12th 2016


Our Pick: Marblehead Kids

Say hello to our new Marblehead Kids range, which offers the perfect balance of durability and classic styling. Crafted from oak, this collection’s clean lines and modern detailing deliver a versatile look for both girls and boys bedrooms. Would this range suit your little one’s bedroom? Let us know in the comments below. Keep your eyes peeled on our F&B kids Twitter account , where this week, this new range is hosting a #twittertakeover. Get involved by tweeting us ( @fandbkids ) using the hashtag #twittertakeover. See you soon, Feather & Black.


August 8th 2016


How to: Inspire a retro bedroom trend

There is no doubt that retro bedroom trends are back in a big way. Furniture design is similar to fashion in that designers gain inspiration from the past and fuse it with modern details and inspiration. If you want to update your home with a retro design but aren’t sure where to start, we’re here to help. Choose your favourite era Retro is all about digging into past eras. First, you need to decide which characteristics you enjoy and which fit your design style. Decide on your accessories If you’re not sure about taking the full plunge into a retro-inspired...


August 5th 2016


Get the Trend: Natural Materials

Take inspiration from rustic bedroom textures with a natural interior theme this Summer. We think bedrooms with natural materials add great character and warmth to your home. Our dedicated natural materials Pinterest board can help you get creative with your trend ideas. Do you think this trend would look good in your interior? Let us know in the comments, or on our social networks. See you soon, Feather & Black. Read more at


August 1st 2016


Top 3: Upholstered Fabric Choices

Whittling down your favourite of our house fabrics can be a tough decision; we have 40 to choose from and you want to make the right choice. Do you just choose your favourite colours? Or do you opt for selecting a colour which suits your current bedroom style? We’ve picked our most popular house fabrics to help you along the way… Grey For the most sophisticated of bedroom looks, try grey fabric with white walls. An uncluttered grey bedroom can provide you with the perfect monochrome look. Pair grey with pops of colour, such as cushions or throws, if you’re...


July 29th 2016


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July 25th 2016


My Perfect Bedtime

Find out more about F&B Area Manager Michael’s #myperfectbedtime routine below: F&B: What’s your perfect bedtime routine? I have a quick brush of my teeth before climbing under crisp clean sheets. What’s your perfect bedtime read? I have quick game of Championship manager on my iPad and then make sure my wife is asleep first so I don’t wake her if I snore! What or who is your perfect bedtime partner? My wife and occasionally our three year old boy Henry. What’s your perfect nightwear? T-shirt and boxers. Where would be your perfect place to fall asleep? At home. Where...


July 22nd 2016


Competition: Win a Tempur Bedding Bundle

Take part in our new competition, which launched today, and you could win a Tempur bedding prize worth £399, including 2 Tempur Pillows, a 5ft Tempur Fit Mattress Protector and a Tempur Sleep Mask. Let us know just how much you’d like to win this prize in the comments section below. Enter now here. Please note, this competition closes on Sunday 4th September 2016. T&Cs apply. Good luck, Feather & Black.


July 18th 2016


How to: Decorate kids bedrooms

A child’s bedroom has to take many forms because it’s used for sleeping, playing and working. Indeed, the best childrens’ bedrooms are multi-dimensional, but should also be a reflection of their personalities. Nursery White and airy is a good option for young children who aren’t quite old enough to need a bedroom-style setup. Space to let them play is important, as is child-friendly storage space. An easily adaptable, neutral themed nursery also gives you more flexibility as they grow up and start developing their initial ideas about their favourite colours. Children’s Bedroom As your child grows up, their bedroom starts...


July 15th 2016


Our Pick: Oliver Bed

One of our favourite best-sellers is Oliver; a traditional dorm-style bedstead in a bronze finish. Also available in Duck Egg, Warm White, Blue and Red colours. Oliver Bronze Double Was £425 Now £249


July 11th 2016


Top 3: Foods before bedtime

When our weary heads hit the pillow late at night, sometimes no matter how tired we think we are, we occasionally struggle to fall asleep. As we all know, sleep is vitally important for a healthy lifestyle and so below are a quick list of the good guys when it comes to helping you nod off. Cherries Cherries are one of the few natural foods to contain melatonin, the chemical that helps control our body’s internal clock. Previous studies have also revealed that cheery juice can also be effective in improving sleep duration. Jasmine Rice This type of rice is...


July 8th 2016


Get the Trend: Concrete

Not only does concrete appeal to our love of grey; the smooth finish gives objects a sleek industrial edge. Concrete is a trend that’s filtered down to the high street very quickly; see more inspiration on our Pinterest page. Let us know in the comments if you think concrete would look good in your bedroom. See you soon, Feather & Black.


July 4th 2016


How to: Best sleep on a plane

The worst part about a holiday is sometimes having to get up very early to catch a morning flight. Nobody wants to spend the first day of their summer getaway trying to recover, so try arriving refreshed by catching some sleep on the plane. If your budget can stretch to a business, or better still, first-class upgrade then it’s worth paying the extra amount if you want the best chance of being comfortable enough to doze off. If you want to sleep, make sure you also travel in non-restrictive clothes too. Avoid watching any in-flight entertainment on long haul flights,...


July 1st 2016


Win a Hypnos Cornwell Mattress

If your mattress isn’t giving you the comfort and support you need, try entering our latest competition where you can win a new Hypnos Cornwell mattress, worth £899. With 1,800 pocket springs, you'll be well on your way to the perfect night's sleep. Enter here. Competition closes on Sunday 17th July 2016. Good luck!


June 27th 2016


My Perfect Bedtime

We caught up with F&B Assistant Buyer, Charlotte and talked about her perfect bedtime. Here’s what she had to say: F&B: What’s your perfect bedtime routine? Charlotte: I have to make sure my bedroom is clear then I shower, tucked up into freshly dried sheets straight off the line. What’s your perfect bedtime read? I read to my daughter while having a cuddle, that’s about all I read before bedtime. What or who is your perfect bedtime partner? A very lovely mattress, without that, bed time will never be perfect. I probably should also include my husband! What’s your perfect...


June 24th 2016


Our Pick: Azulejo Jacquard Linen

Available in indigo blue and crisp white, our Azulejo Jacquard Linen is the perfect summer addition to your bedroom. Exclusively made in Portugal, this 100% cotton jacquard sateen takes inspiration from authentic Azulejo tile decorations. From £18


June 20th 2016


Top 3: Storage Solutions

We all like our home to look nice and tidy all the time, but the problem is we often just don't have enough storage to play with. However, we think Pinterest is a useful tool which can help turn your interior into a well-organised, ship-shape haven . Make use of your stairs Try turning your stairs into well-sized, pull-out drawers to help fix your storage woes. The room underneath your stairs are what some call ‘dead space’ – so make sure you fully take advantage. Baskets Baskets are nice little additions which can be dotted around the home to keep...


June 17th 2016


Get the Trend: Botanicals

Give your bedroom an on-trend update with the addition of green-natured botanicals this summer. This year, botanic and aquatic themes are due to play a major style role, but this trend can be difficult to implement with good effect. If you’re stuck for ideas, try starting to experiment with bold wallpapering adorned with plant-related artwork. Or, for a lighter take, try looking for the rich green textures of a plant’s leaves and put these on display in your bedroom. Act with caution and use these sparingly though; overcrowding your interior space with plants can look too overwhelming. Make sure you...


June 13th 2016


How to: Sleep better during exam season

Students across the country are right in the middle of exam season and might be starting to feel under pressure to get the grades their hard work deserves. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential if you want to perform at your best and so here are a few helpful tips to help you along the way: Try to go to bed early Late night TV just isn’t worth it on the eve of an exam, you’d be better off drifting off to sleep a little earlier than usual. Sleep is especially important during studying because it allows the brain...


June 10th 2016


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June 6th 2016


Daniel Wade: My Perfect Bedtime

This week, Feather & Black MD Daniel Wade talks about his #perfectbedtime: F&B: What’s your perfect bedtime routine? Dan: I don’t have a bedtime routine per say…other than open the window for a cool night’s sleep! What’s your perfect bedtime read? Normally catch up on what’s going on in the world on Sky news. What or who is your perfect bedtime partner? My cuddly toy, Dan the Dog! What’s your perfect nightwear? T-Shirt and boxers. Where would be your perfect place to fall asleep? Mustique Island, in a hammock, under a palm tree, listening to the waves crash and the...


June 3rd 2016


Our Pick: Pineapple Lamps

Nothing says summer quite like our beautiful pineapple lamps ; the perfect accessory for your little one’s bedroom. Available in either mint or peach colours, this light's LED technology prevents heat being emitted, meaning it's safe to leave switched on through the night. £85.


May 30th 2016


Top 3: Sleep Beauty Routines

Did you know that your body repairs itself while you’re tucked up in bed at night? So make sure you’re giving yourself a helping hand when it comes to sleep beauty, because your slumber hours play a vital role in how you look. Suitable night time habits will improve your chances of having a healthier day-to-day appearance: Moisturise your skin When it comes to body repair, a good moisturiser will make sure it replaces the lost water in your skin. Double up on pillows Using two pillows means fluids won’t build up under your eyes or around your face. Try...


May 27th 2016


Get the Trend: Pantone Colour of the Year 2016

2016's Pantone Colour of the Year is a blending of 2 shades; Rose Quartz and Serenity , which represent calm and relaxation. The colour selections are said to aid general well-being, as well as provide an antidote to modern day stresses. Would either of these colours suit your bedroom? Let us know in the comments. Feather & Black.


May 23rd 2016


How to: Sleep better during Hay fever season

Did you know that two-thirds of Hay fever sufferers continue to experience symptoms while trying to sleep? Research reveals some are losing more than an hour of sleep a night as they struggle with streaming noses and itchy eyes during warm summer evenings. Minimising your Hay fever reactions can be difficult, but keeping your windows shut is vital if you want to limit the amount of pollen in your bedroom. Another tip is to avoid drying your bed linen on an outdoor clothes line – bed sheets pick up a lot of pollen if dried outside, so try to keep...


May 20th 2016


Competition: Win a luxury bedding bundle

Feeling fortunate? Then why not enter our competition to win a luxury bedding bundle, worth £345? Prize includes Goose Down king size duvet , a pair of Goose Down pillows and a Cotton Quilted king size mattress protector . Competition closes on Tuesday 31 st May 2016. Enter here:


May 16th 2016


My Perfect Bedtime

This week we spoke to Spirit FM presenter Kate Goddard as she talks us through her #perfectbedtime: F&B: What’s your perfect bedtime routine? Kate: Clean sheets on the bed, shower, fresh pjs, cuppa tea and a choc biscuit in bed in front of my favourite programme on the telly. F&B: What or who is your perfect bedtime partner? Kate: I like the bed to myself so I can stretch out, but if I have to share then cuddles are a must. F&B: What’s your perfect nightwear? Kate: My comfy pj bottoms and a black vest top F&B: Where would be...


May 13th 2016


Our Pick: Henley Nickel

Henley Nickel’s traditional castings and impressive finials give the bedstead a rather grand appearance. Our favourite metal bed is a popular choice for a range of bedroom themes and is also available in Antique Brass. From: £475


May 9th 2016


Top 3: Books to read before bedtime

Don’t turn off the light straight away as reading before going to sleep can enhance your quality of sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, a regular reading slot can help prepare your body for sleep and also aid your mind separate your ‘sleep time’ from the stresses and worries of daily living. With this in mind, we’ve ranked our top 3 bedtime reads. 1. The Road to Little Dribbling by Bill Bryson To mark the 20 th anniversary of Bryson’s classic Notes from a Small Island, he makes a brand-new journey around Britain to see what has changed in...


May 6th 2016


Get the Trend: Weathered Oak

For the most refined of bedroom looks, try exploring the weathered oak trend . With its soft curves and beautifully crafted edges, a weathered oak theme can inspire your next interior makeover. Pair with earthy tones and light-coloured accessories for a co-ordinated look. See you soon, Feather & Black.


May 2nd 2016


How to: Get up earlier

Waking up early is either a privilege or a pain; depending on what type of person you are. Some of us just love to get up early and enjoy the peace and quiet, while others want to keep hitting their snooze button. Making the change from a serial snoozer to an early morning riser is really tough, so we’ve collected some handy tips from around the web to give you some help. The best method is to do it gradually – 10-15 minutes earlier for 2-4 days, until you feel used to it, and then repeat. For example, if you...


April 29th 2016


Our Pick: Noah Midsleeper

The reversible Noah Midsleeper combines fun and practicality for little ones; ideal for children who are growing up too fast. The Midsleeper is not only one of our favourites, but one of our best-sellers too. £799.


April 25th 2016


My perfect bedtime

We caught up with Visual Merchandiser, Gemma, earlier in the week and talked about her #perfectbedtime. Here’s what she had to say: F&B: What’s your perfect bedtime routine? Gemma: A long bath, followed by jumping into a freshly made bed with crisp white linen. F&B: What’s your perfect bedtime read? Gemma: I have to admit at bedtime I don’t pick up a book but my phone and have a peek on Intsagram, Twitter & Facebook. F&B: What or who is your perfect bedtime partner? Gemma: Ahhh that’s easy…..Jenson Button! F&B: What’s your perfect nightwear? Gemma: Why spend money on nightwear...


April 22nd 2016


Social: Pinterest

Have you got a profile on Pinterest ? We love a good ‘pinner’ because we’re no different; our profile offers home decor ideas, interior trends, DIY ideas for the home, seasonal recipes, children's bedrooms & much more! Inspiration is sometimes hard to find and that’s why we love Pinterest so much. New ideas are so easy to come by and above all else, our boards aim to inspire your next interior refresh. Head over to Pinterest now and start following our boards and don’t forget to pin away to your heart’s content. Add a comment to let us know how...


April 18th 2016


Top 3: Sleep Apps

Sleep is so important for our health, general well-being and getting the most out of your day ahead. But how can you best track your sleep? Sometimes the brain can play tricks on us and we can wake up still feeling tired despite having slept for a number of hours. Have you tried monitoring your sleep patterns before? We’ve reviewed our favourite sleep apps, so give one a try and see how you measure up: SleepBot Sleepbot has three major features: a motion-tracker, a sound-recorder and a smart alarm. Its sound recording feature will detect talking, snoring or any bumps...


April 15th 2016


Get the Trend: Blue Bedrooms

Did you know that blue bedrooms are on the up for Spring, especially darker indigo tones? However, you'll need to make sure you keep the dark and light balance in check by introducing a neutral coloured bedstead - contrast can be a very effective tool if implemented in the right way. This helps to bring a brighter twist to a modern colonial kind of look. Brighter accents can come in the form of an eye-catching cushion or two; alternatively try a colourful throw (yellow hues matches well with blue), if you’re on the hunt for the perfect pop of colour....


April 11th 2016


How to: Create a feature wall

Feature walls are simple but high impact ways to transform any room in your home. They can be a splash of colour or pattern that can bring a sense of individual styling. The best feature walls are often quite vibrant and striking. For example, a darker colour looks great against surrounding light walls and helps create a focal point for your bedroom. The wall which is directly behind your bed is usually the best option when it comes to feature walls. Once you’ve chosen your feature wall, the next big decision is to decide on the design. The number one...


April 8th 2016


Our Pick: Opulence Wall Mirror

With a sculptured twist frame and aged silver leaf finish, this wall mirror is eye-catching and versatile – suitable for mounting in a living room, bedroom or hallway. Comment below if you'd like this mirror in your home. £500 Feather & Black.


April 4th 2016


Social: Visit us on Facebook

If you haven’t already taken a peek at our Facebook pages, then now is the time to ‘like’ our page because you just don’t want to miss out on any more exclusive content! We use both our main F&B Facebook page and our Kids account to let you know about offers & promotions, competitions, inspiration pages and so much more. Keep an eye out for some behind-the-scenes images from our photoshoots (see below!) too, as well as the seasonal release of brand new products. Also, we use our Facebook page to run our ever-popular Advent competition, which takes place in...


April 1st 2016


Top 3: Ways to know if you need a new mattress

March is National Bed Month and so what better time to talk about the health and general well-being of your mattress. If we really do spend one-third of our lifetime sleeping, then we think it’s very important that your mattress provides the comfort and support which you need. Here are the top 3 signs which mean your mattress needs replacing: If you notice your mattress is becoming lumpy or squeaks when you sit on it, it’s definitely time for a new one. You’re supposed to feel refreshed when you get up in the mornings, but if you’re feeling tired or...


March 28th 2016


How to: Best organise yourself for a house move

Packing for a house move is stressful at the best of times. Moving day is looming and you realise that you can't put off the packing any longer. What about those breakables and family heirlooms? Try planning ahead and reduce the potential for disaster on your moving day: Before you even start packing, make a priority list and consider what will need careful packing, and which items are covered for breakages. It’s also a good idea to estimate how many boxes you’ll need and where you’re going to get these from. If you’re packing any paint, bleach or aerosols –...


March 25th 2016


Our Pick: Herman Rug

Our Herman Rug is one of our favourite new spring season additions. Handwoven in rich wool, the Herman Rug brings a fresh twist on a traditional design. Try accessorising this rug with other blue hues to help freshen up a tired room. £350.


March 21st 2016


My perfect bedtime

Hatty works in the Marketing department at our Chichester HQ and we took the time this week to ask her about her #perfectbedtimes; here’s what she had to say: My perfect bedtime routine is to come home from work and have a nice warm bath! Then I’ll have some dinner and jump into bed nice and early (with freshly clean linen, of course!) to watch my favourite TV show, TOWIE. I just love to wear stretchy cotton pjs, fluffy socks and my lovely dressing gown when I’m in bed too. I don’t really read too often, but I do occasionally...


March 18th 2016


Competition: Win our Easter Bunny

Take part in our latest competition and you could be in with a chance to win our gorgeously large Jellycat Easter bunny; a perfect present for your Easter-loving little one! With cute floppy ears and a lusciously soft coat, our bunny will make an extra-cuddly addition to your child’s growing toy collection. Enter the competition now:


March 14th 2016


Top 3: Fictional bedrooms to stay the night

Your bedroom is your sanctuary and fictional characters are no different. A character’s bedroom is a reflection on their personality, helping to add some form of realism to their on-screen character. Some bedrooms are more iconic than others though, and here are our Top 3 bedrooms which we’d love to spend the night: Scarlett’s bedroom; Gone with the Wind The beautiful wall carvings of Scarlett’s interior make this bedroom a luxury setting. Large, dusty pink sweeping drapes and a matching upholstered bed had us dreaming about an interior fit for a princess. The Great Gatsby; Jay Gatsby’s bedroom A very...


March 11th 2016


Get the Trend: The Gold Rush

The gold grandeur of our upholstered Louis bedstead captures this season’s on-trend, beautifully bold bedroom look with perfection. Try to create rich and warm interiors for the most glamourous of bedroom settings and don’t forget to mix this colour palette with strong metals and neutral tones if you want to make a real impression. Vibrant hues like gold will certainly catch the eye of your guests but if you’re less certain about committing to such rich tones, then perhaps just change bedding, drapes or pillows before making more permanent colour changes. Why not take a closer look at our Gold...


March 7th 2016


How to: Iron your fitted sheets without an iron

Keeping your bed linen looking its best all of the time can be a little challenging, with bed sheets wrinkling up as soon as we get them out of our washing machines or dryers. But did you know there is no need to bring out the dreaded iron every time you want to iron out these creases? First, pop your fitted sheet onto your mattress, over your mattress protector. Then, lightly spray all of the sheet with water; don’t drench it but enough to give it a light covering. Now just pull the sheet tightly over all corners and leave...


March 4th 2016


Our Pick: Lille White

Lille White is our newest range and is simply perfect for refreshing your bedroom this Spring. We love its clean Colonial look which can be accessorised with hints of this Season’s on-trend blue and yellow colour palettes. Starting from £999.


February 29th 2016


Sleep tips for the road ahead

A well-earned UK escape was the perfect way to spend half-term for many families this week but now as schools gear up for the start of another term, it’s almost time to pack away your things and make the long drive home. With the roads expected to be awash with many short-term holidaymakers this weekend, it seems like the ideal time to provide you with some tips and advice of what to do if, as the designated driver, you end up in the situation of being tired during a car journey. Get enough sleep Did you know as much as...


February 17th 2016


Half Term Bedtimes

February half-term is nearly here for many schoolchildren and that means your little ones may be wishing to go to bed slightly later than usual; given that their early morning school run is temporarily postponed. So how best do you come up with ideas to keep your child’s bedtime routine the same during the school break? Children need to keep up their usual bedtime routines to avoid waking up without any energy after a few late nights. This is because their body becomes used to a particular sleep-wake cycle, so once they start staying up later, their internal body clock...


February 11th 2016


Be my Valentine

Valentine’s Day is loved by many, loathed by some, but for those who are falling head over heels this Valentine’s Day, we thought we could help you create the perfect bedroom setting for one of the most romantic days of the year. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary all year round, although Valentine’s Day provides the perfect excuse to spruce up the most important room in the house. The most obvious and quickest route down this path has to be bed linen. Indeed, fresh sheets and clean covers make going to bed pure luxury; you’ll soon be counting down the...


February 4th 2016


Breakfast Week

This week (24-30 January 2016) is National Breakfast Week and to mark the occasion, we’d thought we’d get on board by describing our perfect breakfast! Breakfast, experts argue, is the most important meal of the day but despite this, many people skip the first meal of the day as they hurriedly get ready for work in the morning with research revealing this week that 1 in 4 of us consider breakfast a necessity rather than something to enjoy. Did you also know that if you’re a regular skipper of breakfast, you’re less likely to overeat throughout the rest of the...


January 28th 2016


Upholstered Dreams

We know that there’s so much choice in the upholstery market that finding your perfect match is a difficult task. Indeed, style preferences differ from person to person and while we all have our own design views, narrowing down the options is a tough task! So, we’re here to help you decide on your upholstered style, whether that be more of a dark and shadowy sort of sanctuary or a light and breezy themed interior. Grey Bedrooms We’re seeing grey become the on-trend option for 2016 and our ever-popular Pinterest board means we can assume that a cool yet sophisticated...


January 20th 2016


Types of Sleeper

Did you know we spend around one third of our entire lifetime sleeping? However, some of us find it easier than others to drop off at night with the effects of a poor night’s sleep including irritability, low energy and ‘brain fog’. A healthy amount of sleep can vary from person to person. But what type of sleeper are you? We’ve tried to divide you all into sleeper categories, so keep reading and see which one you belong to. Super Sixers Getting under six hours of sleep per night means you belong to our opening category. About a third of...


January 13th 2016


Redecorating your bedroom

With Christmas now over and the New Year well underway, it must be appealing to give your bedroom a refresh now all the Xmas decorations have been boxed away for another year. If you’re on the lookout for either a complete design change or just some new furniture pieces, you’ve come to the right place. In terms of bedroom décor trends, 2016 promises to award style to those who opt for simplified colour schemes, black and white shades with pops of bright colour, impressive centrepieces and oversized lighting features. Mixing contemporary technology with traditional furnishings is very much on-trend too,...


January 7th 2016