Stay in bed for longer with Feather & Black

Don’t you just love those lazy Sunday mornings cuddled up in bed on a cold winter’s morning? Or hearing the rain lash down on your window while you keep nice and cosy under your duvet? For us, there are few things better than feeling comfortable and relaxed when dozing off to sleep, making getting up each morning even harder. Tube advertising This is the idea behind our new advertising campaign, on display in London tubes over the next couple of weeks. The adverts were shot at Feather & Black HQ last month, so feel free to take a peek at...


December 30th 2014


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Season’s Greetings everyone! Christmas is here once again, so I’d like to take a moment to wish all of our customers, friends and families a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We’ve certainly got a lot to look forward to next year, including our exciting new London Collection, which is now on sale at five Feather & Black stores. These top-of-the-range, luxurious mattresses offer ultimate comfort and are made with softest of fillings to ensure you get the best night's sleep. Not only are we in our Winter Sale at the moment, but we’re also offering an extra...


December 23rd 2014


Top tips for men this Christmas

Speaking from experience, some of us think that the Christmas challenge is well and truly over after you’ve searched the shops and bought all of your Christmas presents. However, you may need to think again because the seasonal challenge is far from finished! After all, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day are all on the horizon – not to mention the tricky planning that often comes with New Year’s celebrations. So, with all these merriments in the pipeline, it can be easy to lose sight of some of the festive season's most important things. But fear not, as we’ve...


December 18th 2014


Sleep tips to survive the party season

December has long been considered the peak of party season as numerous Christmas parties and New Year’s Eve get-togethers seem to pile up. Of course, a packed diary means a fantastic social life, but unfortunately it also means one or two late nights and sore heads… Partying the night away rather than resting up in bed after a long week at work can certainly take its toll so, with that in mind, we’ve prepared some sleep tips to help you through what can be a tiring month! Sleep tips Who can afford to spend so much time sleeping, you may...


December 15th 2014


How to create a winter bedroom

Create a winter bedroom Winter has arrived – with red noses, bobble hats and a biting nip in the air. Whilst we’re all out toiling during the day, the one thing that warms the cockles is the thought of heading home to a warm, snug den. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be heading straight to the slippers and throwing on a thick woolly jumper. But nothing will beat a thick, faux fur throw and large cushion to cuddle. No one looks forward to the cold arriving, and it seems us Brits will never get used to our sad lot...


December 3rd 2014


Black Friday 2014

So next Friday isn’t just your average Friday. Instead, it’s the Friday where people flock to the shops or onto their laptops to try and grab a bargain. Taking a quick scan of the internet, it’s clear to see why Black Friday – which takes place in the UK on Friday 28th November 2014 – is growing in popularity. Jaw-dropping discounts, price crashes and flash sales have meant that the American craze eventually travelled all the way across the pond. And the event has even travelled all the way to Chichester, as Head Office and Feather & Black stores across...


November 21st 2014


Time for a new mattress?

With so many options and differing information out there about mattresses, it can be a confusing topic. How do you know what mattress you need? But don’t worry; we completely understand that you need straight forward information. You don’t want to wade through technical details only to come out the other end even more confused. Don’t let this overwhelming subject put you off though, as speaking from experience I can promise you that investing in a big, beautiful mattress will make so much difference to not only your sleep, but to your life as well. Take a look at these...


November 17th 2014


Harrison Spinks Mattresses

Last week we had the exciting opportunity to travel to Leeds for a couple of training days with Harrison Spinks; the brand behind our most exclusive range of luxury mattresses. Farm life Taking a look around the farm, it’s clear to see the care in place to ensure that the upmost quality control goes into the making of the mattresses. From lavender fields to hedgerows, the farm is a delight, spread across 300 acres of beautiful Yorkshire dales and abundant with wildlife. The farm boasts environmentally friendly crops to make the Hempure fillings; a key component that makes our mattresses...


November 13th 2014


Hallowe'en cake recipe

With Halloween just around the corner and half term in full swing, I was inspired to get baking and make some fun little cupcakes during the aftermath of the Great British Bake Off (we were definitely obsessed in the office). The buzz surrounding Halloween year after year just seems to increase, meaning I was pretty spoilt for choice when it came to choosing cake decorations, with nearly every high street shop having something to offer! I found some great cake decorations in Waitrose made from sugar icing that I thought would add just the right level of chic to...


October 29th 2014


Clocks go back 2014

It’s that time of year again, where the trees are shaking their leaves off and the evenings are getting darker. The clocks officially go back by one hour at 2am on Sunday 26 th October. The clocks go back and forward to make the most of the sunlight. In this instance we’re going to gain an hour, and have lighter evenings and darker mornings. When the clocks go forward in March, we lose an hour and enter British Summer Time (BST). When the clocks go back we enter Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Daylight saving first began in the UK on...


October 24th 2014


Autumn bedroom furniture sale

Shopping for new bedroom furniture can be a lengthy task, especially with the aid of search engines and bedroom sale comparison sites sifting through hundreds of deals, leaving you with an even bigger decision at the end. Investing in new furniture and bedsteads requires a lot of thought and can’t be taken lightly; the perfect opportunity to announce our autumn sale event! Starting tomorrow, we’re offering up to 20% off our bedroom furniture, lasting for one week from the 11-19th October. We hope our fantastic discount will allow you to buy some brand new bedroom furniture for your home, for...


October 10th 2014


AW Trends 2014

With autumn on our doorsteps, we thought we’d take a trip to London to see what AW14 trends had emerged into fashion and interiors. We were particularly taken with Regent Street, Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street where we were lucky enough to visit Anthropologie, Zara Home, Heals and Selfridges, to name but a few. AW14 colours For our AW14 photo-shoots we featured rustic shaker-style furniture, sanded floorboards, white-washed walls and strong pops of colour against a back-drop of crisp, white linens. Throughout the stores we visited we saw a similar trend. Anthropologie was heavily styled in deep russets and...


October 9th 2014


Bedroom furniture

You might be thinking of updating your bedroom furniture, and investing in a new bed. But with so many choices available, do you head to a bed store or buy online? Browsing online means you can find the best bed sale, in the best bed shop. You often have access to exclusive online discounts and products that you won’t find in store. Buying online has become one of the safest ways to pay. Not only is it safe, but it’s the most convenient way to shop. The internet doesn’t close at 5.30pm, in fact it never closes. But does this...


October 6th 2014


The Chevron Trend

From bed linen to wallpaper, curtains to furnishings; the chevron trend is absolutely everywhere. Not only have we seen chevron branch out from its traditional and simple two-toned colour, but as the new seasons continuously roll in, the pattern itself is evolving from the traditional zig zag design into something even more original. It only takes a Google search to discover the innovative ways in which some are implementing the trend into their homes, so here are a couple of ideas we have come up with to add a pop of chevron to your home. A neutral, zig zag throw...


September 8th 2014


Read a book day

The King's Curse book review To celebrate read a book day we’ve reviewed Philipa Gregory’s latest book: ‘The King’s Curse’. Set in turbulent 1500s England, the story opens with a young Margaret Pole. Once a prominent figure in the old Plantagenet royal family; Margaret’s family worry she will be seen as a threat to the Tudor throne, and is married into obscurity to Sir Richard Pole. This all changes once young Arthur Tudor ascends to the throne with his beautiful new wife Katherine of Aragon. This love story ends sadly, and thus begins the tyrannical reign of younger brother, Henry...


September 5th 2014


French bedroom furniture

Introduce French Renaissance to your bedroom with the graceful Versailles bedstead, and relax in the effortlessly romantic atmosphere it brings. Our pretty new collection exudes pure luxury with carved motifs and feminine details; beautifully versatile to suit many interior styles. Here are some ideas on how to style this collection, from Bohemian chic decor to French-inspired elegance. French beds Heralding from the Baroque-Rococo era, our Versailles bedstead will sit beautifully in any bedroom. Styled with patterns or plain, the Versailles looks perfect in a rustic French bedroom , with Bohemian colours or in a simple white washed space. Add our...


August 29th 2014


Bank Holiday Sale

Bank Holiday Bedroom Sale August bank holiday signals the end of the school summer holidays, a much-anticipated break from the 9-5 and of course our amazing bank holiday sale! We’ve got an exclusive 15% off your purchase from 21-31 August, on top of our current sale prices. So there is no better time to be inspired to update your home for less. Children’s Bedroom Furniture Sale The August bank holiday sale is the perfect time to get your child’s bedroom ready for back to school. Invest in a beautiful new desk to inspire their creativity. They will be keen to...


August 21st 2014


Download our free sleep advice ebook

You might remember us asking you all about your sleep routine earlier this year in our How Bad is Britain in Bed sleep survey. We then created an infographic of Britain, based on your results, showing locations that slept well or poorly, and why! Find your results on our infographic. And that’s not all – we’ve been working hard to put together an all singing, all dancing sleep advice eBook! Our free eBook is full of advice and tips on how to sleep better, all based on your survey results. From how to drift off easier, tips on getting children...


July 28th 2014


Sleep tips for mums

Debbie, mum of soon-to-be six children, shares her sleep story First and foremost can I just say that all babies are different.. and I mean all babies! I am currently pregnant with number six and know it’s going to be a whole different ball game again. That’s what makes parenting fun – you never know what’s around the corner! The first learning curve When I had my first son (Benjamin) almost 18 years ago, I was sure I was going to be part of the ‘pop them in their cot and let them cry themselves to sleep’ brigade. This is...


June 24th 2014


How to create a summery bedroom

It’s finally arrived; the season of late-night BBQ’s and relaxing in the garden, and we don’t know about you but we are ready for some sun! The summer season sees many home improvement opportunities arise, and when better to give your room a refreshing lick of paint than when there’s umpteen evenings to allow that all-familiar paint smell to disappear. Updating your bedroom surroundings can be a welcoming change, providing a new atmosphere for you to enjoy and relax in after a long day at work. We have put together a vintage-chic inspired theme that we hope will inspire you...


June 24th 2014


How to keep cool at night

The summer is here (on and off) and with it, comes muggy nights. We wriggle around, toss and turn and just can’t get to sleep. Or if you’re anything like me, you’re waking up every hour kicking the covers off. So just how do you keep cool at night? 1. Invest in a summer duvet, a 4.5 tog is best – these are much lighter, but still provide a snug covering that a sheet on its own can’t offer. Tackle all the seasons with an All Season Duvet. In the box you’ll get a 4.5 tog and a 9.5 tog...


June 17th 2014


Children won't sleep at night

Mum of two, Tami, shares her challenging experience with sleep and her children We have always had problems with both of our children’s sleep routines. Our first child, Little Mr A was not a good sleeper. I suppose we were partly to blame as we would cuddle him to sleep and then he wouldn’t go down in his cot by himself so would stay with us downstairs, sleeping on the sofa until it was time for us to go to bed. About 90% of the time he would end up sleeping with us in the middle of our bed. Whenever...


June 6th 2014


How good is Britain in bed?

Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t as easy as you’d think. We rush about during the day, rush about in the evening, and so by the time it comes to bed all we want to do is relax. It’s often the way in which we choose to relax before bed that plays an important factor in our ability to sleep. With our fast-paced lives whooshing around us, ensuring your bed and mattress are up to scratch and remembering to stick to Horlicks after 5pm are easy things to overlook. Don’t forget, it’s all about the quality of sleep you’re getting....


May 29th 2014


Baroque/Rococo Interior Inspiration

This week at Feather & Black we launched our beautiful new Lille Collection. With its statement double wardrobe and gorgeous lattice effect bedstead this collection is perfect for those looking to create a wonderfully unique interior style. A fusion of the baroque and rococo eras, we’ve put together a small guide on the key furniture characteristics of these periods that have been fused together to create this gorgeous collection. Baroque With origins in 17th Century Italy and widely popular throughout Europe under the reign of Louis XIV, the Baroque style is all about portraying power and grandeur. A palette of...


May 28th 2014


Italian Fashion from 1945

Last Friday I was lucky enough to attend the V&A’s The Glamour of Italian Fashion exhibition. The first thing that struck me was not only the breath-taking dresses, but the beautiful rooms nestled under sweeping, white canopies. The up-lights perfectly set off the detailing in each outfit, and subtle music created a private space to lose yourself in. It’s easy to get lost in another time here, but the serious note of the exhibition brings a sombre respect to every beautiful garment. Illustrated by a black and white photograph of a bombed Florence in 1946, the reality of an economically...


May 27th 2014


Four in a bed

Jessica shares her journey of sleep deprivation with two young children. As parents of a two-year old and a six month old baby, my partner and I are often asked how much sleep we get or how early the kids wake up, by people, usually other parents, expecting tales of disturbed nights or hideously early starts. We look at each other sheepishly, almost feeling guilty that most nights our children sleep until after eight. Sophie, two years-old, can sleep for around 12 hours whilst Lexie is now sleeping through the night, with only one night feed. The early days It...


May 20th 2014


How I got my babies to sleep

Kate shares her experience of getting her little ones to sleep at night. I am the mother of five lovely children and am now a clinical support worker for people who have children with extra health problems. Trial and error brought me to the steps that I am sharing with you now… How to get some sleep The last weeks of pregnancy are a good preparation for the first weeks or months of having a child. You are uncomfortable, hot, and need to pee every half hour. Baby is big and awake as soon as you lay down to rest....


April 30th 2014


Sleep advice for new parents

Marissa, mum of two, shares her wonderful story of sleep, or a lack of it… Ahhhh, uninterrupted sleep – that blissful state that's cherished by all, but enjoyed by few new parents. Sleep deprivation is considered a violation of one's basic human rights so it's hardly surprising that a lack of sleep drives many a parent into a confused, mumbling, unwashed state of existence only rivalled by other parents of new-borns and extras from The Walking Dead. Roughly six weeks after having our first son, now a rambunctious three year-old (and that deserves a whole different blog post!) we were...


April 23rd 2014


Easter Egg Hunt

It’s nearly Easter, so we’ve got a cracking Easter Egg Hunt running on our website. We’ve hidden seven golden eggs on seven of our pages. All you have to do is find one of our golden eggs to be in with a chance to win! Prizes We have a luxury duck feather and down pillow to give away, plus either our Luxury Plain bed linen set - in a colour of your choice - or our snuggly soft Alien bed linen set or Explorer Linen set. There are two prize bundles to be won by April 16th, so get hunting!...


April 2nd 2014


Sleep deprived and coping

Mum of two, Jen, shares her amazing story At the time when my first daughter was born, I actually didn’t know you needed to ‘help’ a baby get to sleep. It sounds absolutely ridiculous to say it now, but I really was unaware that babies couldn’t get to sleep themselves. After all, if you’re tired, you fall asleep – it’s simple right? Of course it didn’t take long for me to realise that this is not the case when you are a new born baby. It was a harsh realisation and one that would shape my life for many years...


April 2nd 2014


Should your baby really sleep through the night

First-time mum Felicity shares her experience and offers advice. One of the most prominent memories of Eric being a new born baby (alongside the shock of how much life changed and thinking he was the cutest, coolest baby I had ever met!) was the crushing, bewildering, fog of tiredness. One of the hardest parenting challenges I faced was the early sleep deprivation – I don’t think anything could have prepared me for how tired I would feel. Yet, at the same time, I had quite a lot of adrenaline – it was exciting, I was a bit worried and a...


March 18th 2014


How to get up earlier

Hands up who likes getting up early? Yeah me neither. I have to be physically dragged from the bed in the morning, forced into some sort of consciousness with cup of tea thrust into my hand. If this ritual doesn’t happen, my getting out of bed also does not happen. But I kind of like the idea of getting up early, rising with the birds and what not. I imagine the birds and I would have a jolly time of it sitting outside with a pot of tea, reading the paper and watching the sun rise. So I’ve done a...


March 17th 2014


How to get your child to sleep through the night

My child won’t sleep through the night You just want your child to sleep through the night without waking up and disturbing you? Your friends’ children sleep through, so why doesn’t yours? I’m afraid to say it’s quite normal. We all sleep differently, adults and children alike. Some children will be excellent sleepers and get through the whole night, others just won’t. There are a few things we can do to understand what the underlying issue is, and what we can do to improve things. The first thing to understand is that sleep is a learnt behaviour. We’re not born...


March 10th 2014


How to stop snoring

If you or your partner suffer from snoring, you’ll be familiar with the sleepless nights, earplugs squished into ears and the hourly hiss of ‘stop snoring deeear’; (yes, it’s usually me doing the hissing!) We’ve done some research and have pulled together all the best advice and tips. So why do we snore? Snoring is the sound we make when we’re struggling to get enough air. This is usually caused when our throat muscles relax, your tongue falls back and the sides of your throat actually vibrate – causing us to snore. Whilst there are reasons for this happening that...


March 4th 2014



Freud called dreams ‘those poems we tell ourselves at night in order to experience our unconscious wishes as real.’ Freud had quite a literal interpretation of dreams. He maintained that all of our dreams are our unconscious wishes being lived out as reality. I don’t think that meant that if you dream about burning down your neighbour’s house that this is literally what you unconsciously want to do; rather that perhaps there is an issue regarding next door. Perhaps you don’t feel able in waking life to take a firm stance with them. The inferno you’ve inflicted in your dreams...


March 3rd 2014


Black and White bedroom inspiration

From the catwalk to couches; the timeless trend of black and white is back for spring 2014. Straight from the runways of Erdem and Hemlut Lang this classic design can be effortlessly translated into a chic, sophisticated interior look. Monochrome interiors are striking and as Karl Lagerfeld said “black and white always looks modern, whatever that word means” meaning it will continue to outlast trends that come and go. The Perfect Pallette While many view black as a harsh, cold colour - within a monochrome interior it can make rooms feel larger as it defines floors or walls. If you...


February 11th 2014


Update your bedroom on a budget

It’s getting close to spring; close to warmer days and greener trees. We’re opening the windows to a new year and a new bedroom. But after an expensive December we’re also thinking about how to create a fresh new bedroom on a budget. So we’ve come up with some ideas. Step one – how to de-clutter your bedroom Whether you’re a neat and tidy person or happy to relax in a slightly more cluttered bedroom; there’s always the potential to clear a little more space – and trust us – it’s an instant face-lift to any bedroom. This should be...


February 5th 2014


Cabin Beds vs Bunk Bed

Buying children's bedroom furniture is always slightly headache-inducing. Younger children are easier to buy for but when growth spurts start to happen the whole process can become a lot more difficult. As they grow older and their knick knacks start to double, the simple single bed in their room starts to look smaller and smaller. Bunk beds and cabin beds could be two options you explore when it comes to looking at other bed options for your kids. When it comes to choosing whether you opt for one over the other you need to think about what your children’s bedroom...


January 24th 2014


Spring Interior Trends 2014

Ombre Interiors From hair to the home, the ombre trend was everywhere in 2013 and that looks set to continue into spring 2014. Whether you want to paint a wall ombre or indulge in bedlinens and other accessories that illustrate the trend; there are a variety of ways to incorporate spring's must-have style into your bedroom. Below is a sneak peak of our Houston Chest on a beautifully bright green ombre wall. The mix of the darker leather trunks, botanical accessories and accents of white keep the whole look feeling fresh, which is perfect for spring. The ombre trend doesn’t...


January 9th 2014