The double bed trend for children

You may have heard the latest emerging trend… the children are rising up; they want double beds for kids . Around the ages of 7-10 children have big growth spurts, so their single beds tend to look a little small. A lot of parents are now looking to invest in larger beds; ones that will see their child through to their teen years and beyond. It’s an investment, and one that you shouldn’t have to repeat any time soon. The styles, colours and designs of double beds give you much more flexibility when decorating your child’s room as well. Now...


December 17th 2013


Dressing your Christmas Table

With most people’s attention on focussed on delivering the most delicious Christmas meal possible, creating a table that compliments your hard work in the kitchen can be overlooked. Ensuring your table is well dressed will not only accentuate the meal but create a festive atmosphere for friends and family to enjoy. We’ve put together a couple of tips on how to dress your table beautifully. Picking a theme A good place to start is to pick a theme, this will help you narrow down your choice of accessories and make the process of creating a perfect table a lot easier....


December 17th 2013


The ultimate guide to a stress free Christmas

It’s that time of year when we’re rushing around frantically collecting last minute gifts, hanging the decorations, writing lists and of course; making sure the little ones are having a holly jolly Christmas time. There’s a big focus on making Christmas day perfect, but the time and energy you’ll save by opting out of a few things will be reflected in the calm and happy atmosphere you’ll be able to create. You have eight days until it’s all hands to the deck, aka the 19 December. A really good tip I’ve found works every year is to buy a few...


December 17th 2013


Christmas gifts for Children

When I think about my childhood Christmases, I remember the excitement, the cold winter walks, indulgent food and wholesome activities like chestnut roasting, church services and evenings making paper chains. But that didn’t mean the much-coveted Argos catalogue didn’t make an appearance – the precious book was passed from my siblings to me, and back round again for amendments. We’d lovingly circle in thick black biro each item we wanted, from glow worms to Dictaphones (I was a strange child) with our initials scratched deeply into the paper. Then we would promote the Book’s marked pages by artfully leaving the...


November 29th 2013


Christmas Gift Guide

With Christmas just five weeks away you’re probably racking your brain for inspiration on that perfect present for your loved one. With so much choice out there gift buying can be difficult and headache-inducing. Take time to plan your shopping trip, it can mean the difference between a last minute panic buy and a thoughtful present your special someone will cherish. The best way to start the gift buying process is by taking time to think about who you are buying for; rushing around the shops without clear direction is a recipe for disaster and unneeded stress. Simple things like...


November 21st 2013


Guest room ideas for Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… if that phrase strikes fear into you, worry not – we’re on hand to help. Often the biggest worry is having guests to stay over Christmas; the extra food, sweeping the clutter under a large rug (maybe that’s just me), preparing a room for your guests to sleep in – and that’s where we come in. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to use your child’s bedroom or the spare room, there’s an easy and quick way of getting it ready. Turning your child’s room into a guest room It’s all about...


November 13th 2013


How to keep your pets safe during fireworks

So who’s this Guy Fawkes chap? At midnight, 4th November in 1605, Guy Fawkes was discovered in a cellar under the House of Lords, guarding his gunpowder. Guy Fawkes and his accomplices had plotted for 18 long months to bring down King James I, a protestant. Catholics had long since been terrorised for their beliefs, and there were emerging groups desperate to bring a change. But a last minute tip-off to the king’s ‘spymaster’ meant he was arrested just in time and charged with treason and consequently hanged. Every year from 5th November 1605, Londoners were encouraged to celebrate the...


November 4th 2013


The living wall revival

I’ve become truly inspired by something: living walls. Green and silent amidst the buzzing traffic and fast-paced streets, they hark of something old and something new about to happen. Okay so they’ve been around for a few years now, but they’re making a come-back. There’s been a living wall-boom in homes, either as a fantastic feature wall, or forming the exterior walls. Living walls can be customised to create something really awe-inspiring. What a fantastic way to bring your home into this new 21st century, combining amazing design with sustainable eco-friendly ideas. Living walls are inspired by designer Patrick Blanc,...


November 1st 2013


How to get children to sleep longer

There is a divide in the country. One voice shouting ‘hurrah’ for the extra hour in bed in the morning, and the other wringing their hands in fear and muttering about the ‘damned clocks going back’ – ruining their child’s sleep pattern. But fear not parents of Britain – help is on hand. We’ve come up with some top tips on how to get your child to sleep longer in the mornings – and what better time to put these tips into practice than when the clocks go back this Sunday. Early bird catches the worm … Or makes a...


October 25th 2013


Children's bedroom ideas

What’s the one space in your home where you can truly be yourself, and utterly relaxed? The bedroom of course: your sanctum, your safe space, your warm haven. But it’s not just you that needs a place to call your own – your kids need somewhere to relax too. Children’s bedrooms are the one space in the home which is truly theirs – whether it’s diligently attending to homework, listening to music or plugging into the PS3 – it’s their little space. The tricky part of course, is encouraging them to keep their room tidy, which may not be high...


October 15th 2013


Trend spotting at Decorex International

The past couple of weeks have been busy here at F&B, we have been preparing for the SS14 season and making our final decisions on the beautiful product we are going to be launching in March next year… very exciting! Although we've had lots going on in the office, I did manage to get out for a couple of hours and head over to Decorex International last week. Decorex is an exquisite interiors event held in London showcasing the very best in luxury Interior design and supply. It was really exciting to see exhibitors showcase some extremely beautiful fabrics, furnishings...


October 10th 2013


Coastal Bedroom Ideas

With the new autumn season in full swing it means exciting things for Feather & Black – most importantly all our lovely new ranges start appearing. Our Cornwall Collection is just one of the new ranges we have introduced this season. If you love the look and feel of cosy coastal cottages but you’re stuck for bedroom ideas on how to incorporate this look into your home, then these sturdy wooden pieces would be a great starting point. The collection includes a beautiful, white wooden bed, a tall and wide chest of drawers, a wardrobe and bedside table – all...


October 4th 2013


AW trends 2013

Autumn is upon us with long shadows, chilly mornings and crisp orange and browns. This theme is very strong in AW13’s inspiration, so we thought we’d look at AW13’s trending style and all it has to offer us. Decorating your home is something that can occur at any time of the year and each month comes with its own injection of style inspiration, from colours and textures, to patterns and finishes. Colours A trend with any season or month in the world of design is one which centres on colour, and for this autumn you’ll want to introduce warm colours...


October 1st 2013


How to sleep better

As Britons, we’re notorious for working hard and playing hard. So sleeping is a key component in maintaining our reputation – but surely sleeping is pretty easy stuff right? I’m not so convinced – I struggle to get the full 8 hours and I really feel it the next day! Whilst it would be easy to blame my snoring partner (and believe me he snores), there are probably lots of things that I’m doing to impact it. So I went on a bit of a scavenger hunt for information, and came up with some tried and tested tips. At first...


September 19th 2013


Emerald Inspiration

This week our inspiration comes from global colour authority Pantone and their colour of the year – Emerald. The first green tone since the colour of the year announcement began in 2000. Emerald symbolises renewal, prosperity and growth as well as being a precious gemstone that’s rarer than diamonds. I’ve noticed how easily translatable emerald is. From fashion to beauty emerald has been everywhere this year. Sephora even released a stunning emerald makeup collection and just recently I saw this beautiful Mulberry display in Selfridges – I love the combination of emerald and gold! My favourite use of emerald though...


August 13th 2013


Hadlow Castle in Kent

Dave Berry our Operations Director enjoyed a weekend visiting Hadlow Castle in Kent: My uncle contacted me a while back in connection with Hadlow Castle in Kent, that used to belong to his parents. The tower has now been fully restored and refurbished as an amazing high quality holiday accommodation by the Vivat Trust. At Feather & Black we helped them with beds and mattresses… The Tower Renaissance was held last Saturday and was a very splendid occasion, treated to its very own air display, put on by a local pilot who played in the grounds as a child…with model...


June 24th 2013


A weekend in the country

Last weekend I hope you all enjoyed a glorious bank holiday. I was lucky enough to return to my family home for some time back in the countryside. Here is my weekend summed in a few instagram pictures! My favourite part of walking Dennis (the naughtiest dog) was that it felt like summer had finally arrived and the white and pink blossom on the trees was a welcome burst of colour. It seems that the countryside is also really popular in magazines too – Country Homes & Interiors borrowed our Oliver bed in bronze to create this vintage country inspired...


May 10th 2013


Bed couture

Creating a bespoke bed in an unequivocally beautiful fabric is equivalent to buying fabulous fashion couture, it allows you to create something entirely unique. Our Designers Guild SS13 Fabric books have landed at a few of our specially picked stores, and it has inspired me to think about my favourite florals for this season. The May issue of Homes & Gardens features our wing backed Louis bed upholstered in the latest Seraphina Designers Guild fabric. I don't think I have been so in love with a bed before (ever!). The magazine styled the blowsy floral print with deep mulberry walls...


April 15th 2013


Pastels inspired by Easter

Sweet shades inspired by the outer shells of our favourite sugary Easter treats have had a revival. Choose sugary pinks, powder greens and duck egg blues and mix with soft whites, florals and beautiful furniture for the perfect look for springtime. I love the shades of light blue with dusky pink on our mosaic throw and cushion, it adds a soft, feminine look for any bedroom and reminds me of soft egg shell shades. While the delicate Organidie Accessories with their thin, almost transparent edging is beautifully simple to work with any look. With pastels, moderation can be key with...


March 28th 2013


An Icelandic Adventure

Working within the marketing team it's always useful to broaden your horizons with a bit of travelling for inspiration. After earning some time off from the 9 to 5, I ventured off with my other half to Iceland and WOW what a place. I was lucky enough to experience the natural phenomena the Aurora Borealis (northern light) - magical and breathtaking are a few words that spring to mind. I couldn't believe what I was seeing as I stood in the middle of no where in -5˚C conditions. It didn't matter how cold it was they were spectacular and well...


February 22nd 2013


Vintage inspiration for the home

Vintage; noun the time that something from the past of high quality, especially something representing the best of its kind. To me this means; adjective, relaxed, comfortable, beautiful, simple, homely, boasts a colour palette of soft hues. The vintage look allows you to truly create a bedroom which reflects who you are. Seek out pieces which inspire you and that make your house feel like a home, I have put together some of our favourite looks and how you can recreate them… The key to a vintage trend is to make it personal to you, you can display objects which...


January 30th 2013