How to clean your duvet

Now that winter has its seasonal grasp on us all, it’s time for those well needed snug reinforcements. It’s such a shame that we just can’t go into hibernation until March and simply envelope ourselves in our duvet until we hear the birds sing their introduction to spring. If only. The duvet is synonymous with comfort and warmth, so it’s essential that yours is clean and ready for some serious laying-in time at the weekends. Admittedly the thought of washing your duvet is a little discouraging; “what’s the best way to clean it”, and “how often do I have to”...


December 18th 2009


Baby it's cold outside

It was so cold this morning the temperature gauge in my car was flashing at me. I don't know about you but I certainly find dragging myself out of my lovely Feather & Black bed in the mornings is hard enough already without the chill factor too. Here are our top 5 tips to keep warm at night.. Invest in some super snuggly nightwear. Thermals make great night garments. Try our friends Hush for gorgeous brushed cotton pyjamas. Use a Goose down mattress topper to create that duvet snuggly feel underneath you and contain your body heat. Choose a mattress...


December 16th 2009


The bed with a starring role

Recently we loaned our Salisbury and Bali furniture ranges to Sigma Film Company for the new Ewan McGregor and Eva Green film being filmed in Glasgow, ‘The Last Word’, due to be released in cinemas in 2010. The Bali furniture was loaned out from our Glasgow store, whilst their store manager was on her holidays. When the manager came back, the furniture had already been returned, so she was unaware of the loan. A young couple came in and were interested in our Toulon and Bali ranges. After talking to the couple the manager left them alone to carry on...


November 24th 2009


Turning back the clocks

It’s that time of year again when the clocks are turned back and we gain an hours sleep. The nights draw in earlier and earlier and we awake to pitch black. With all that darkness and the weather getting colder it gives us the perfect excuse to spend more time snuggled up in bed. Longer lie ins and early nights for us! If your going to spend more time in bed you will want to be sure that you are sleeping in something that is not only beautiful but also the ultimate in comfort. It is so important for a...


October 23rd 2009


The history of the Iron Bed

Originally used by the Chinese, cast iron furniture was made popular in 550 B.C. In the 18th Century there were numerous small foundries in the East and even as far west as Chicago. In this era workmen were renowned for the great pride and care they took in their designs. These workmen could take days making a single foundry. From the 1850’s until World War I, iron beds were hand made and became very popular in the West. The manufacturing process involved hand pouring and polishing intricate detail in the castings, as well as hand applying finishes. Due to the...


September 29th 2009